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Professional Christmas Light Installation in Lakeville MN

Christmas lights are one of the beautiful ways to Celebrate the season. They are also a hassle to install, remove, and everything else in between. However, at Reflections Window Cleaning, we make it easier than ever for you to have all the lights you want without the danger and stress. Our professional Christmas light installation in Minnesota is here to give you a Christmas to remember every year. Our company has been operating this area for over 10 years. We are highly trusted and highly rated due to our care, passion, and dedication to the job. You won’t find another company around here that can offer the kind of outstanding service and design. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you have a better Christmas!

Our Lakeville Christmas Light Installation Services

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The hardest part of the lights for any homeowner is the installation. It’s a dangerous and stressful job. But, instead of putting yourself at risk or giving yourself extra work this year, call us, and we’ll do all the hard work for you. Our professional team will carefully but swiftly install your chosen light display and have your home looking magical lightning fast.

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Don’t worry if a bulb blows or starts to flicker. While this is rare, it does happen on occasion, but we have the solution. Our comprehensive Christmas display installation includes free maintenance from any problems due to our lights during the time that you have your lights up.

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Our elite team of technicians will remove the lights just as safely and as quickly as they installed them. Our removal service is just another job that you don’t have to think about.

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Our Christmas Light Installation in Lakeville MN Provides Everything You Need

At Reflections Window Cleaning, we are a locally owned family business. We do have everything you need when it comes to your Christmas lights. Our service covers everything and will make the whole holiday period a whole lot easier. From helping you choose the right lights for your home to installation, removal, storage, and even maintenance, there isn’t a single thing that we miss. No home is too small, and no job is too extravagant. We want you to add lighted snowflake to your Christmas, spread joy around your family, and brighten up your neighborhood. Our company has top ratings across the board for our Christmas light installation in Lakeville MN, and surrounding area’s and after you have experienced our services, you’ll have a first-hand understanding of why.

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Have The Best Christmas Ever!

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Real Christmas Light Installation Reviews


Christmas Light Installation Lakeville MN

Guys from Reflections Christmas light Installation Christmas lights for us and they look awesome. Brian was very courteous and no pressure as we were picking out how much we wanted done and what color. In the end, we got warm white LED's for a traditional look and are very pleased.

Andrew Brown

Christmas Light Installation In Lakeville MN

We had Reflections Christmas Light Installation install Christmas lights for us this year and we were extremely impressed! Bryan got back to us very quickly and maintained good communication with us throughout the process. They came up with a great design and we love the outcome! Highly recommend these guys if you’re looking for an awesome Christmas display. Now we are waiting for knocks on the door from our neighbors, asking us who did our lights!

Kyle Hunt

Christmas Light Installation Lakeville

I've wanted beautiful Christmas lights on the outside of our home for years. Reflections Christmas Light Installation has made that dream come true for two seasons for us! Very professional looking Christmas outdoor lighting with prompt and responsive customer service. I highly recommend!

Tracey Weaver

Frequently Asked Lakeville Christmas Lighting Questions

Yes, we do! No one wants Christmas lights at their home past the holidays, so as soon as they are over, we come and remove them for you. Our Christmas light installation in Lakeville MN, service covers every aspect of the process, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We want you to enjoy the holidays and your lights with the dread of thinking about having to deal with taking them down.

Yes! From time to time though it is rare, you may experience a problem such as a flickering or blown bulb. If this happens, give us a call, and if it’s a problem with out products performance we’ll come out as fast as we can to replace or repair the issue. Your lights can shine bright for the whole period when we’re around.

Our Christmas display installation in Lakeville MN service is available for both your home and your landscape. You can have lights on just your home, just your lawn, or both. And since we have a professional designer who can help you choose the best lights for your property, whatever area you select will look stunning.

There are many reasons why hiring professionals to install your Christmas lights is a wise decision. Firstly, professional Christmas light installation services offer safety benefits that you can’t get on your own. This is because certified and experienced professionals will inspect your home and roof before installing the lights to ensure proper electrical connections are made without any danger of damage or injury.

Secondly, hiring a professional Christmas light installation service can save you time and effort in the long run. Professionals have years of experience so they know how to properly attach lights to walls or gutters while keeping cable routing clean and organized for an efficient result that won’t require any further tweaks later down the line. Additionally, hassle-free setup means no need for costly repair work due to any mistakes made during installation or removal afterwards – all this saves you time, money, and energy in the long run!

Thank you to Patriot Illumination for sharing this answer with us!

Yes, there are DIY window screen repair kits available for purchase. These kits typically contain metal or plastic framing material, fiberglass insect screen, spline (to hold the insectscreen in place), and a spline roller tool. Additionally, most kits come with instructions that you can follow to repair your broken window screens.

These DIY kits offer an inexpensive way to replace damaged window screens without needing professional help. With just a few tools such as scissors or a utility knife and some patience, any homeowner can complete the screen repair process with ease – saving time and money!

In addition to these basic supplies, it’s important to note that quality of the items included in your kit can vary greatly from one brand to another. For example, some brands may use cheaper materials like aluminum versus more expensive but durable materials like stainless steel frame pieces. Keep this in mind when selecting a kit so you’ll get one that will last longer than others on the market today! This valuable information was provided by Geek Window Cleaning!

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